What is Call Forwarding Service on Jio?
What is Call Forwarding Service on Jio?

What is Call Forwarding Service on Jio?

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I’m sure it happens may times that your number is unreachable because of weak signal. And even if you have another number to which people can contact you, that number isn’t available with others to contact. At such times, the call forwarding feature comes into play.

If you are wondering What Call Forwarding Service on Jio is, here is a complete article that will explain you what call forwarding is and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is Call Forwarding Service on Jio?

Call Forwarding feature is one of the features provided by your Network Providers. Basically, you forward or connect the incoming calls on your one number to other. One can divert calls to cellular number, landline number, voice mail or even Desktop PC.

This feature can be helpful when one of your most used numbers is not reachable or has wealth network coverage. So you can divert the calls to your other number. You can also set your number to forward calls in such way that it does not ring.

What do I need to Forward Calls?

As you might have guessed by now, you will need to have two sim cards to forward calls. So you can forward calls from one to the another depending on your needs.

Now most of the Network providers offer call forwarding for free. However, some of them might additionally charge you. You can call the customer care of your network provider and know more about call forwarding.

What are the Call Forwarding options?

Here are the Call Forwarding options you can use as per your conveniences –

  1. Forward when busy – When you are busy on a call, this feature will forward the incoming call to other number.
  2. Always forward calls – When you choose “Always forward calls”, all the incoming calls on your one number will be diverted to other number. After choosing this option, all the other specific options will be disabled.
  3. Forward calls when unanswered – In case you dont answer a call, this feature will forward the unanswered call to the other number.
  4. Forward calls when Unreachable – In case your number is Unreachable or has weak network coverage, but the other number is reachable, you can forward calls.

Call forwarding is one of thenmost useful features that network service providers offer. It is especially helpful when one of your number is not reachable. All you need is another SIM with good network to forward calls and you can continue your work as usual!

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