How to Change JioFi Network Name (SSID)
How to Change JioFi Network Name (SSID)

How to Change JioFi Network Name (SSID)

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Changing names of various accounts you use is a habit of many. But when it comes to your WiFi connection, it is actually essential go change WiFi name regularly. A reason for this is that all the previously connected devices will be disconnected. Hence, to help you out, in this article, we will be sharing the method on How to Change JioFi Network Name (SSID).

JioFi Router name i.e., JioFi SSID name is the name of your JioFi WiFi connection. This name comes mostly as company name by default. So if you want to give a cool or preferred name to your Jiofi WiFi Router, you can always do so.

It is not difficult as such to change JioFi Network Name. The process is simple but to make it even simpler, you can follow the short guide below.

How to Change JioFi Network Name (SSID)?

  • Switch on your JioFi Router.
  • Connect to JioFi from your PC.
  • Go to this official Jiofi page here.
  • You will see a Login page. Simply fill in the credentials I.e., Username and Password to login to your Jio Account.
  • The default username for JioFi routers is “administrator” and default password is also “administrator”.
  • Once you login to your Jio Account, you will be taken to the admin panel.
  • On the panel, go to Network > Wi-Fi Configuration.
  • Here, Change the name of the Wi-Fi Network. Enter the name you want to give to your WiFi in the SSID field.
  • Hit the Save option.

That’s it. you have successfully changed the SSID i.e., JioFi Network Name. Now that you have changed JioFi Network name, all the previously connected devices will be disconnected automatically and you will have to reconnect them.

It’s good to change either your JioFi Password or Username in a few months. It ensure safety and even if someone gets hands on your credentials, you can automatically disconnect the devices you want.

Hope the article was useful.

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